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OACA says THANK YOU to Bob Cathcart!

On Sunday, Apr 7, 2013, the Ottawa Area Callers Association (OACA) honoured Bob Cathcart with a dinner and a plaque. Here's Paul's tribute to Bob.

Tribute to Bob Cathcart

This is the time of year when we bring to an end another season of OACA meetings, the time when we can reflect on our accomplishments and disappointments of the past season, and this year we bid a happy and long retirement to our fellow Caller and long-time member of the OACA, Mr. Bob Cathcart.

Bob's calling career started back in the time of Traditional Dancing, through the transition to Modern, through the many changes it went through and has continued until just recently. Through the years when having 30, 40, and more squares on the floor was not uncommon on a club night and at a time when many dancers demanded smooth, interesting, and well-timed choreography and knew what that was.

When choreography was a guarded secret and before written choreography, note services and computers. When traveling callers brought new calls to town and if you were lucky enough to get invited to the dance, you would likely be the first to get to try these new calls on your dancers. When your calling time at festivals or multiple caller dances was valuable; we recall the time when Judy was to cue a round just before Bob was to call, Bob made it quite clear that if Judy didn't finish on time, he would pull the plug on her.

If you were lucky enough to ever dance in one of the clubs he called for, you would see that Bob made a point of meeting and greeting every dancer during the evening.

During my 38 years at OACA it is difficult to remember a time Bob wasn't in attendance. Willingly, offering corrections and ideas which he knew were better or smoother than what was presented.

So Mr. Cathcart, as a token of our sincere and grateful appreciation for all you have contributed, please accept this small gift which you are so deserving.