square and round dance in eastern ontario

Banner Napping

Banner Napping increases club and dancer interaction and improves clubs finances. The primary objective is to promote harmony between dancers and their clubs while having fun. For new dancers, the intention is to expose them to a wider range of dancing experience.  Remember that fun, friendliness and common sense take precedence.

A Club should decide beforehand if they are going to participate in Banner Napping. NOTE: There is no requirement to participate. It suffices to say no.

A club that wishes to participate must acquire a club banner and may appoint a Banner Napping Director to organize Napping events or allocate this function to the person designated as the club contact. Please note that effective Banner Napping can be a significant organizational task.

The Victim club is the target and host of the Banner Napping. They must possess a club banner, which they are willing to lend. Smaller versions, known as Travel Banners, or tokens may be substituted.

The Challenger club sends their dancers to perform at the host club and becomes the target and host of the Banner Retrieval. They possess the Victim club’s banner, which they are willing to return. 

The Banner Napping Director of the Challenger club must contact the Victim club ahead of time to arrange a date suitable to both clubs. The Banner Napping Director of the Challenger club shall advise the Victim club of the anticipated number of the visiting dancers.

The Victim club agrees to lend their banner to the Challenger club after their dancers perform at the host location under the direction of the host club’s caller.

The Challenger club gives back the banner to the Victim Club dancers after they perform at the host location under the direction of the club’s caller.

The Host club treats the visitors as special guests and may provide some treats or finger foods and drinks in celebration of the event.

Examination of Success
Since the objective is FUN, any laughter or smiles and a valid attempt to dance the moves are sufficient to pass the test.  Remember ... Do not be Rule-bound. Seek out the fun in this activity.

Napping Team
Normally a full square from the challenging club shall attend. They should stay for the whole dance because the objective is to visit and have fun. The full square allows the host caller to setup a spectacle. Rural and smaller clubs may have difficulty getting eight dancers to go Banner Napping. In the interest of getting Banner Napping going, a smaller number may be permitted. In this case substitute dancers will be needed. Dancers belonging to both clubs are always eligible. Sometimes last-minute substitutes will be needed, because of events, such as illness.

New Dancers
The main concern is not to damage their confidence or interrupt their training. Choose dancers that are making good progress and advise the Caller of the host club of the dance level reached. The benefits are great. Their view of square dancing is greatly expanded and can greatly increase their enthusiasm and confidence. Avoid taking new dancers away on their regular club dance night, as this will disrupt their training. Retrieval
Napped banners shall be retrieved within the same dance year of September through May. If conditions prevent retrieval, the banner shall be returned by year-end. The dance fee for the retrieval square shall be paid as if they had danced, unless the nabbing occurred in the last month of the dance year.